With IROX’s e-commerce and distribution expertise, succeed in Japan’s lucrative market hassle-free. Witness seamless product distribution and increased purchases by Japanese consumers.

We are IROX.

Branding / Marketing / E-commerce/ Distribution for Japan market

All-in-one branding, marketing, distribution and ecommerce agency located in Tokyo, Japan.

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Established in 2002, our agency has a rich 20-year legacy in navigating Japan’s business landscape. Specializing in distribution and e-commerce operations, we bring extensive experience working with American, European, and Asian brands in fashion, cosmetics, fitness, wellness, and sports industries.

We blend our actual industry experience, nurtured through managing our proprietary and partner brands, with a tailored approach to omni-channel

e-commerce, digital marketing, and B2B support for wholesale and distribution.

Our diverse Japanese and international staff, proficient in multiple languages, ensures a seamless integration for businesses aspiring to penetrate the Japanese market.

We distribute your brand’s products to our network of 500+ B2B clients, including prestigious department stores, major retail chains, e-commerce merchants and more.

E-commerce is also our specialty – we manage and sell your products on Amazon JP, Rakuten, Yahoo JP and other Japanese platforms, or via your brand’s standalone EC website, operated by our experienced in-house team.

Our Services

Analyze. Localize. Optimize.

Our full-spectrum services  provide you with a hands-free, hassle-free experience while witnessing your brand and product’s growth and success in Japan. 

Share your brand vision and marketing objectives with us, and we will help you to realise them with our proven go-to-market strategies for Japan

  • Product Localization and Alignment
  • Broadcast and Printed Media
  • Social Media, Ambassadors and Influencers

Tap into our wide distribution network built over 20 years, and boost your sales quickly

  • E-commerce – Amazon, Rakuten, Yahoo Japan, Shopify and more
  • Retail Partner Network – department stores, large chains, speciality stores, Hotels, Spas, Fitness and yoga studios and more
  • Hobby and Interest Communities

Leverage on our array of logistic networks and distribution channels, and effortlessly expand your brand presence to reach a nation-wide audience

  • Warehouses in Tokyo and Tsukuba
  • Import and Custom Services
  • Inventory Management

Utilize our multilingual team of customer service agents to your advantage, and rest assured that your brand will be represented with the utmost pride

  • Full spectrum  – from order to shipping to aftersales support
  • Multilingual Staff
  • Multiplatform Support – Phone/Email/Chat

Our Brand Partners


Our Retail Partners




to yourSUCCESS

Dear Fellow Entrepreneurs,

When IROX was founded back in September 2000, it was our vision was to establish the company as the leading distribution agency for quality foreign products in Japan.

Through a strategic approach with a key emphasis on driving online/offline sales at low customer acquisition costs, we were able to help our partners grow their businesses in the Japan market – with minimal complications and maximum ROI.

Our success opened the doors to a wide range of opportunities with retail business partners across multiple industries over the years, including:

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Retail Stores and Services

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Gyms and Fitness Studios

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Hotels, Resorts and Spas

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Ambassadors and Influencers

With our assistance, our partners have generated annual revenue of up to JPY 600,000,000 (USD$5,000,000).
You could be our next success story!
If you’re a product owner or entrepreneur looking to gain a market share and profit from the lucrative Japan market, feel free to get in touch and we’ll have a chat to discuss a potential partnership.
Looking forward to working with you soon!

Striving for success with you,

Let's Talk!

Let us discuss a potential partnership or send us an enquiry if you are unsure of anything.

Just drop us a message using this form to get started!!

Here’s what you can expect:

  1. Schedule a Call
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  2. Meeting with our team
    – We will assess your brand and product, and share our proven sales strategies with you
  3. Partnership Terms and Conditions
    – Discussion about how to move forward
  4. See your brand and product in Japan
    – Get ready to skyrocket your sales in the Japan market!

 Talk soon! 


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