Fast and Optimized Japanese-Compatible Shopify Themes

What Makes a Shopify Theme Fast?

What sets apart a fast Shopify theme from a slow one? Okey, here are some of the elements that Shopify themes incorporate to ensure your store loads as quickly as possible:

  1. Code Optimization: To make your Shopify store load faster, it’s simple – the less code it needs to load, the quicker it becomes. Fast Shopify themes work to reduce the amount of code used for your site.
  2. Cleaner CSS and Inline CSS: By using cleaner and inline CSS, your visitors’ browsers only need to download one file instead of two, leading to faster loading speeds.
  3. Independence from External Libraries: Many themes rely on an outdated JavaScript library called jQuery, which can slow down loading times. Fast Shopify themes avoid such dependencies to speed up your store’s loading.
  4. Shopify 2.0 Theme Architecture: Staying up-to-date is crucial for optimal performance. Shopify’s Online Store 2.0 brought new architecture, leaving the old Vintage themes without updates (except for security fixes). Using the latest architecture ensures your store performs at its best.

For our reccomendation, we have included themes that implement all the best website speed practices of the industry.

Recommended Shopify Theme: Booster

Booster is a speed-focused theme with zero dependencies. The True Scalable team developed its entire code from scratch, leading to remarkable PageSpeed scores that surpass all the other themes in comparison. Moreover, Booster is designed to be compatible with SEO optimization. In conclusion, Booster stands out as one of the fastest available Shopify themes.

Below, please see Booster theme’s homepage speed results on desktop


Automatic Image Optimization: Your images will look great while their file sizes are reduced for faster loading.

Modular JavaScript and Additional CSS: Only the necessary elements are loaded, preventing unnecessary bulk and potentially eliminating the need for JavaScript altogether. This optimization can significantly speed up your website.

Exciting Sales Features: Booster includes advanced sales tools like geo-personalized content, multitab shopping sync, and a lookbook feature, enabling visitors to explore products directly from set pictures. All these premium features are available at no extra cost. The theme is priced at $249 per year or $399 for unlimited lifetime access. It’s a fantastic choice for medium-sized shops aiming to deliver a premium shopping experience with excellent speed.

Booster Theme Highlights:

  • Automatic image optimization
  • Save $281/month on third-party apps
  • Built and optimized for mobile

Choosing a Japanese-compatible theme is crucial due to the unique characteristics of the Japanese language to avoid character display issues.

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