Sell your products in the World's 3rd Largest Economy

Japan is a lucrative market with huge potential for consumer goods.

Partner with us and utilize our 20 years of experience and existing retail partner networks, and let your brand grow steadily and succeed in Japan.

Whether B2B or B2C, let us be your the gateway to your success in Japan.

We are IROX.

We distribute, market and sell products from all over the world in Japan.

We have over 20 years of experience in successfully marketing and distributing foreign yoga, fitness and wellness brands under our subsidiary Puravida! in Japan, via both retail and e-commerce channels.
Through our network of retail partners, many of the brands we represent have flourished in Japan.
Partner with us to enter Japan’s market and watch your brand grow steadily in the world’s third largest economy.
It’s that simple!

We distribute/sell

Yoga Mats and Yoga Gear

Yoga Wear and Fitness Wear

Aromas and Wellness Products

Other sports/fitness/wellness products

under our subsidiary

Why Japan?

Untapped Potential of the Japanese Market

When discussing global economic powerhouses and markets, Japan is often mentioned as one of the most difficult to succeed in.

This is due to the unique business and consumer culture that many companies and brands do not understand.

However, there remains huge potential for businesses to thrive in Japan, due to the following 3 reasons…

1. High Disposable Income

Consumer spending accounts for around 53-55% of Japan’s annual GDP.

2. Love for Foreign Brands

Japan’s consumer culture is largely built on adopting foreign brands and infusing them with local elements.

3. Stable Place to Do Business

Commitments are upheld and payments are timely. People are well-mannered, and returns rarely occur.

4. Loyal Customers

Japanese people are more comfortable with the familiar. Satisfied customers will stay loyal, repeat purchases and recommend brands to their friends and family.

Based on the above, the conclusion is simple:
Successfully entering the Japanese market is immensely lucrative.
However, without understanding the local culture and consumer behavior,
it’s challenging for foreign brands to make any sort of impact.

On the flip side, successful marketing and branding strategies set to appeal to local Japanese consumers can result in
mass adoptionproduct virality and rapid surge in sales.

That’s what we at IROX do best, and exactly what you can expect by partnering with us!

of the Japan Market

1. Language Barrier

Japanese language is filled with specific nuances. It does not always translate literally or fluidly from another language.

This can be a difficult hurdle to overcome in both B2B and B2C scenarios, as it demands proficiency in vastly different aspects of the Japanese language.

Our Solution

We translate sales, marketing materials as well as other materials such as manuals. We also provide customer support in Japanese for your clients and customers.

Our team’s experienced translators and localisers well-versed in amplifying your brand’s sales message and materials in a localized manner creates instant connection with potential clients and consumers alike.

2. Unique Business Culture

Conducting business in Japan is a challenge for the uninitiated, full of courtesies and customs. A failure to understand the culture can result in a loss of business opportunities.

Our Solution

We have pre-existing retail partner and other networks build with good standing over 20 years, ready for you to tap in. 

As seasoned entrepreneurs in Japan, we know how to navigate this perilous process with minimal complications. Opening the doors to the Japan market is lot simpler with our assistance!

3. Unique Consumer Habits

Due to a unique cultural upbringing, Japanese consumers behave differently compared to their global counterparts – with different inclinations to trends. In order to appeal to the local market, a customized marketing and branding strategy is necessary.

Our Solution

We suggest and put forth the most appropriate branding and marketing mix for your brand and product, optimised for Japan’s demography and market segment.

As one of the leading marketing, branding, distribution and ecommerce agencies in Japan, we have the expertise to tune and enhance your brand to stand out distinctly and attract Japanese consumers while maintaining its original essence.

As a leading all-in-one marketing, distribution, and e-commerce agency for Japan, we have a multitude of personalised solutions for you and your brand. 

Get in touch with us now and find out the best solutions for your brand!

What can IROX do for you?


  • Localisation of product and translation of product materials to the Japanese language
  • Branding and realignment for the Japanese market
  • Advertising on Printed and Broadcast Media
  • Digital Marketing
  • Events and Exhibitions


  • Wholesale to 500+ department stores, major retail chains, specialty retail stores and more in Japan
  • Wholesale to 100+ e-commerce merchants in Japan


  • Import and Custom services
  • Warehouses in Tokyo and Tsukuba
  • Packing and Shipping
  • FBA and Consignment services


  • Construction and Operation of your brand’s website in Japanese language
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Japan


  • Operation and Management of Amazon JP, Rakuten, Yahoo JP storefronts and more
  • Construction and Operation of standalone Japanese e-commerce website for your brand


  • Operations and Management of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LINE, Tiktok and more in Japanese
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Japanese Influencers and Ambassadorship


  • Customer Service Support for the entire process – Presale, Shipping, Order, Aftersale
  • Phone / Email / Online Chat
  • Supported by effective and efficient CRM system

That’s right – all these services available at your fingertips at IROX, bringing you convenience and ease of mind to grow your brand in Japan, customized to your brand and product’s needs.

What are you waiting for? Let’s get started!


Our staff are fluent at native level in Japanese, English and Chinese (Mandarin).

Our customer support staff in Japan are all native Japanese, so rest assured your clients and customers in Japan will have the best customer service experience.

Under our subsidiary Puravida!, we specialise in Sports, Fitness, Yoga and Wellness products for both men and women.


Please feel free to contact us for an initial hearing, free of charge.

Afterwards, we will provide you with solutions catered to your needs, including consultation services for you to succeed in Japan.

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