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That's our motto.

  • IROX is an all-in-one ecommerce and digital marketing established in 2002, located in bustling district Harajuku Omotesando – Tokyo.
    We help foreign brands strategize and enter Japan’s market with our Go-To-Market solutions designed specifically for Japan.
  • We specialize in the Japanese ecommerce platforms including Amazon Japan, Rakuten, Yahoo and more, and also paid media across digital marketing across social media platforms (Facebook/Instagram/X/LINE/Tiktok) and Google services.

Core Values

What we believe in.

Through our core values, we strive to provide services that’ll satisfy our clients, and enable our clients and their customers to achieve their goals.


We respect individuality. Therefore, we strive to provide an environment where one can freely excel in his or her abilities and make the most of their unique personality.


We constantly respond to the needs of the Japanese society by reading current trends ahead, introducing new and innovative products to the Japanese market.


We wish to contribute to the creation of a society in which all people, including consumers and people in other countries connected to us, can be prosperous.

Business Details

Import / ManufacturingImport, design and planning, wholesale of yoga & fitness apparel and accessories, sports goods, health products, aroma goods, cosmetics

[Product Origin / Production Base]
USA, Canada, England, Germany, China, Korea, Taiwan, Indonesia, Thai, Vietnam, Japan

[Sales Destination]
Department Stores, Retail Outlets, General Trading Companies, Fitness Clubs, Yoga Studios, Hotels, Mail Order Merchants, E-Commerce
Approx. 1000 accounts total
RetailWholesale Channels in the following:

Department Store
Isetan, Seibu Store, Hankyu Department Store, Takashimaya, Tokyu-Hands, Tsutaya,Oshman’s and more.

Sports facilities
Yoga studio, Fitness club and more than 1000 others.

Hotels & Spas
Hoshinoya Resort, Mandarin Oriental Spa and more than 30 others
Web & E-commerce Business- Website and Web System Development and Consultation
- Social Media and Online Marketing
- Ecommerce Solutions
Business NameIROX INC (Japanese Name: 株式会社アイロックス)
Date Established2002/02 (Business initiated 2000)
AddressHead Office: Unit 301, Jingumae 4-19-8, Shibuya Ward, Tokyo, Japan 150-0001
Singapore Office: 23 New Industrial Road, #04-08 Solstice Business Center, Singapore 536209.
TEL+81 3-6821-3500
URLJapanese Site

English Site

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