Nail Your Japan Go-to-Market Strategy with a Pro Digital Marketing Agency

IROX boasts over 2 decades of experience helping global businesses launch their brand or products in Japan’s lucrative market with hassle-free, streamlined Ecommerce and Digital Marketing services.

Simple. Savvy. Success-Driven.
We’re the Japan E-Commerce and Digital Marketing Agency You Need By Your Side.

Nestled in Tokyo, Japan, IROX is an all-in-one digital marketing + ecommerce agency. Specializing in Ecommerce and Go-To-Market solutions for Japan, we’ve got all the right ingredients to make your brand or product launch a success from the get-go.

To date, our partners have secured an annual revenue of USD$5,000,000 – that’s the incredible impact of our people.

Tap Into Japan’s Expansive Ecommerce Market.

Japan’s population exceeds 120 million, with 80% of those people using ecommerce to source everyday and luxury goods. With the 4th largest economy and GDP in the world, it’s a market bursting with untapped potential.
Accessing the Japanese market can be tricky – especially if you’re unfamiliar with the language, regulations and unique strategies that define it.
As your go-to partner for all things ecommerce, we’re here to bridge the gap.

Japan Population - 120 million

Population using Ecommerce: 80%

4th Largest Economy and GDP in the World

E-commerce is the Future of Shopping in Japan.

Chic. Swift. Smart.

Launch your brand seamlessly in the dynamic Japanese market with IROX’s comprehensive ecommerce solutions.

Engage Japan

Reach out to your target audience with 100% native appeal and amplify it across platforms

Design, Content & Localization

Strategic Planning & Analysis

Operations & Marketing

Google Marketing and Management

Social Media Marketing and Management

As Your Trusty Ecommerce Agency,
We Handle All Your Go-to-Market Needs.



With more than 20 years of hands-on experience with a variety of ecommerce platforms, we’re the trusted choice for any businesses with their sights set on the Japanese market. From ecommerce building and product listings, to order management and after-sales support, IROX provides assistance across the spectrum.


Localization and Branding

Getting your brand or products seen in the Japanese market can feel impossible, but not with localized branding services. We understand Japanese consumers inside and out, allowing us to market your products in a way that appeals and sells.


Integrated Marketing

We’re the one-stop-shop for all of your digital marketing needs, encompassing SEO/SEM, social media, email marketing and influencer partnerships. And our services don’t stop there – we also ensure your offline marketing serves its purpose, managing magazine and TV features, affiliate programs and more.


BtoB Support

Equipped with market knowledge and experienced teams, we can connect you to 500+ BtoB accounts, have your products sold at brick-and-mortar shops and pop-ups, along with fulfillment and logistics support.

Why Choose IROX as Your Ecommerce Agency?

Whether you’re launching a new offering entirely or taking an existing product to the Japanese market, a robust ecommerce presence is essential. We’re the partner you can count on for comprehensive ecommerce solutions, backed by decades of experience.

Our knowledgeable team has marketed brands and products in nearly every sector, from high-quality apparel to sports and fitness, yoga, outdoor goods, and electronics.

In just over 2 decades, we’ve worked with brands and clients from across the globe, including the USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, China, and more. We lean on our expertise to remove the geographical barriers in getting your brand and products seen in the Japanese market.

We believe every business deserves a chance to break into the Japanese market. IROX has worked with innumerable brands – from major names such as Manduka, to exciting start-ups – helping them to achieve their goal of successfully launching in Japan.

We’re not just here to tell you what to do – consider us the pilot in your marketing adventure. Our brilliant team is ready to fully immerse ourselves, meaning you launch in Japan with zero hassle.

Our team demonstrates an impeccable understanding of both the culture and the market here in Japan. There’s no better digital marketing agency to help you succeed in one of the most lucrative markets.

We’re actively managing our own stores in the Japanese market. Therefore, we have real-time experience and the latest know-how of the exact solutions it takes to be successful.

With staff spread across the globe, we bring the benefit of a multilingual team. Therefore, communication is always clear and effective, enabling us to maintain a seamless partnership.

Brilliant Brands Who Trust Our Agency

Working with brands big and small on the ecommerce and digital marketing fronts, we’ve built an impressive portfolio, including names you know and love.

Retailers Who’ve Partnered with Our Agency

We’ve nurtured incredible partnerships with
some of the most renowned retailers willing to put your brand and products in the spotlight.

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Gyms & Fitness Studios
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Hotels, Resorts & Spas
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Ambassadors & Influencers
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Getting Your Brand and Product in the Spotlight: The Next Steps

Watch as your brand or product achieves success in Japan, and relish maximum ROI.


Making the First Move

There’s only one thing in the way of jumpstarting your journey into Japan’s market – our inquiry form.


Meeting with Marketing Experts

Let our experts assess your offering, whilst sharing our unique approach to e-commerce marketing.


Discussing Our Partnership

Tell us what you want to achieve and we’ll tell you exactly how we’ll make it happen.


Making an Impact in Japan’s Market

Watch as your brand or product achieves success in Japan, and relish maximum ROI.

Ready to Kickstart Your Partnership with an Experienced Ecommerce and Digital Marketing Agency in Japan?

Have a question about our services and strategies?
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IROX Inc. is a e-commerce and digital marketing agency offering Go-To-Market and Ecommerce solutions for Japan, located in Harajuku/Omotesando – Tokyo and Singapore.

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